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ELSA Open OnDemand Overview

ELSA's Open OnDemand system is a browser-based interface to many common HPC workflows. It allows end-users to perform the following tasks on the HPC cluster:

  • Create, delete and manipulate directories/folders
  • Create, delete, move, rename as well as view and edit text files
  • Upload and download files to/from a local computer
  • See a list of cluster jobs in the queue (running or waiting) along with some details about each job
  • Access a browser-based terminal to a login node or development node to perform command-line tasks
  • Launch interactive GUI-based and web-based applications such as a virtual desktop (VDI), various visualization applications and coding environments like Jupyter and RStudio.
  • Connect to other web-based applications via a curated menu of URLs.

The Open OnDemand project website contains additional information about the current and future directions of the project.

ELSA Open OnDemand Tour